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Are you tired of having your voice silenced by doubt, delay, and distractions?

You have a message in your heart, but no one is listening.

You want more than the life you’re currently experiencing, but bills and work demands stand in your way.

You thought by now you’d be further along with your goals and dreams.

You’re hearing more and more stories about others who work full-time online, but you get lost in all of the advice, information and strategies.

You want to work on your own terms, but...

You tell yourself there’s just too much to learn.

Still the burning desire in your heart is to be able to work from anywhere (while impacting others)

You are not looking for the mansion on the hill or the lambergini in the driveway.

You’d trade all that for breakfast and coffee each morning with your loved one on the back porch.

You’re tired of rushing off to work each morning in order to build someone else’s dream.

If you are like me….

  • You want more freedom in your daily agenda
  • You want work that makes an impact in the lives of others
  • You don’t want an income cap placed on your potential
  • You want a creative outlet that stretches and challenges you

But…why aren't more people making a full-time living online?

That’s a question I desperately wanted to answer.

Earlier this year, I offered 10-minute clarity calls to the first 100 bloggers who responded.

Over the next few months I spent over 1000+ minutes talking 1-on-1 with aspiring bloggers, writers and coaches.

Specifically, I asked them:

    • What’s slowing you down?
    • What’s getting in your way and stopping you
    • Everyone does something to sabotage their success, what do you do?


What I discovered surprised me…

It wasn’t a lack of passion, desire, hard work or even lack of time that was slowing them down.

The BIGGEST challenges they faced were falling prey to 4 BIG mistakes.


Whatever you do, avoid these 4 mistakes (especially when building your blog)!

Myth #1: There's too much competition out there.

Did you know that 17 posts are published every second on WordPress sites around the world.

Crazy, right?

If you have any hopes of blogging full-time, you must discover a way to rise above the noise.

Now, not all competition is bad.

Finding someone else making a full-time living online in your niche is a good thing, not a bad thing.

Still, for every successful blog in your niche, there are potentially thousands of struggling ones.

ANSWER: To rise above the noise, use our G.P.S. Audience Building System (more on that later...)

Myth #2: I'm just overwhelmed with everything (especially technology)

We all have a love/hate relationship with technology.

However, for many of us, we simply have a technology aversion. It's more about our own faulty thinking that we just can't learn this stuff.

Our voices are often silenced by the technology black hole.

Remember this: The simplest solution is almost always the best solution. Stay with what's simple.

ANSWER: To overcome tech challenges, use our simple step-by-step video tutorials to get everything set up correctly!

Myth #3: Sometimes I doubt if I'm even good enough.

The fear of not being good enough is what stops most bloggers from ever launching. Those who struggle the most often think:

  • Do I have anything of value to add?
  • Will I face lots of negative feedback?
  • Will I be exposed for not being an expert?

Have you ever had any of these thoughts?

The fear of not being good enough can be paralyzing for sure.

ANSWER: To overcome doubt, use our PROVEN blog, podcast and video templates and you'll create EPIC content every time!

Myth #4: I'm just too busy and building a business online is time consuming.

We are all busy...I get it.

There's work demands, family responsibilities, and home projects.

Yet, if you're like me, you have a burning desire to do something greater. 

In that moment, you must make the choice to work for yourself first.

ANSWER: To find time to blog, use our simple weekly blog planner template!

There Has to Be a Better Way - and There is.

Hi, I'm Jonathan Milligan...

Since 2011, I've been blogging full-time online, but it wasn't always that way...

The Day EVERYTHING Changed for Me

In the no-too-distant past, I was there too.

I was working a normal day job.

I used to be a high school teacher, but secretly wondered if there was a way to do meaningful work that supported the life I wanted to live.

I knew in my heart that I was not built for the "rat race.” I saw people every single day roll out of bed, slump into a job they hated to do work with people they disliked.

I quickly realized that I didn’t fit into the typical employee mold.

There was something stirring deep within me to produce work that caused influence, impact and income.

The problem was I had no clue as to what that work would be.

Then one day, I discovered blogging.

I came across the concept that I could “publish content on a website that had the potential to build an audience and earn money.”

I was immediately attracted to the concept of a blog business for several reasons:

With a blog business, you can enjoy:


Work when and where you want. Work from coffee shops, cafes, your kitchen table or anywhere there’s a Wifi signal.


Spend your time on work that makes a difference in the lives of others. You can have both income and impact!

Financial Freedom

Make as much income as you want (cause you’re the boss)! No more waiting for that .25 cent per hour raise.


Invest in your own growth and live your life to your full potential! Wake up every morning excited about your work!

In February 2009, I hit “publish” on my very first blog post.

I decided I was going to figure this whole blogging thing out.

It wasn’t perfect, but that simple action of hitting the publish button did something inside me.

  • I moved from being a “taker” to a “giver.”
  • I moved from “consumer” to “influencer.”
  • I moved from “bystander” to “contributor.”

It wasn’t just about “blogging” but it was about something bigger.

I could have a “voice” online that had the potential to influence others (all the while working from the comfort of my own home).

Still….for the first 18 months…I struggled.

I was lucky to have a few hundred people visit my blog each week.

(Here's a screenshot of my blog traffic...)


So I began to observe closely what other full-time bloggers were doing to build their online business.

That’s when I discovered what I was missing...

There were 4 primary strategies that all successful bloggers have (more on these in a moment..)

Once I started to focus on these 4 strategies, my blog grew from 214 weekly blog visits to over 15,371+ weekly visits in just under 12 months!

September 2010 = 860 unique monthly visits

September 2011 = 61,484 unique monthly visits

What a difference a year makes!

Our blogs (and email lists) have grown exponentially every since.

So, I started testing my discoveries on other people's blogs, and I found the same habits and strategies were true regardless of your topic or niche!

Meet some other people who have used these same 4 strategies:

Chad Allen

Blogger at ChadRAllen.com and founder of Book Proposal Academy

"Jonathan is the REAL DEAL. His membership site launch strategy helped me gain 91 monthly paying members in 60 days (over $2275 in monthly revenue)!"*

"Jonathan's training isn’t just theory; He provides current and practical step-by-step guidance. It has helped me find clarity of purpose, improve traffic, and save time. Jonathan knows how to take what seems to be complicated and makes it simply for us non-techy people."

Marisa Shadrick
Author, Blogger, Speaker at MarisaShadrick.com

Bo Miller

Blogger at ISpeakPeople.com

"By following Jonathan's specific list building strategies I was able to grow my email list from zero to over 1,000 subscribers in just 18 months! This stuff works!"*

"Blogging Your Passion University is what has taken me from dabbling in blogging to creating a focused site that reaches my audience-other writers, and gives me what my publishers want-a platform."

Robin Nicole Phillips
Blogger at CreativeHomeLearning.com

Linda Kardamis

Blogger at Teach4theHeart.com

"Just wanted to thank you for your step-by-step help! Since I launched my course I've earned over $28,000, which is over half my total revenue from my site. It's been a total game changer!"*

* Results not typical. Your results may vary.

Now, It's Your Turn...

Want to be one of the 1,000?

We are on a mission here at Blogging Your Passion to help 1,000 bloggers go full-time in the next 5 years. We want you to be one of those 1,000 bloggers.

Here’s the good news! Whatever blogging level you currently find yourself, we have an action plan for you!

Introducing Blogging Your Passion University

The 4-Step Blueprint to Earning a Living Online

Step 1: Launch a Blog with Five Blog Posts

Don't know what your passion is? Trying to figure out how to narrow down your ideas? The 101 course will help you launch a targeted blog and get your first 1,000 visits.

Step 2: Capture Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers

If you have a blog, some traffic, but don’t have at least 1,000 email subscribers then you are at level 3. You’re focus should be 100% on building your email list.

Step 3: Earn Your First (or Next) $1000+ Online

If you have at least 1,000 email subscribers, but you’re not earning full-time income then you are at level 4. Your focus should be on earning your next $1,000 or more online.

Step 4: Scale Your Blog into an Online Business

What does it take to start, run and manage an online business full-time? In the 401 course, we will walk you through how to run your blog as a business. 


Your 4-step blueprint to blogging full-time:

Step 1. Launch a traffic-optimized blog and get 1,000 visitors.

Blogging Your Passion 101 (Launch)

Inside BYPU 101 (which has 35 step-by-step videos), you'll learn:

  • How to select the right blog topic from day one
  • The Idea Filter Scorecard PDF and how to best narrow down your passions
  • How to use the GPS Audience System to attract your first 1,000 true fans
  • The 5 blogging "voices" and which one is most authentically yours
  • Our exact 9-step checklist for setting up your blog the right way
  • The 5 "must have" Wordpress plugins every blogger should be using
  • The fastest way to learn Wordpress and use it to your advantage
  • Our 7-Day Blog Launch Plan to get 1,000 visitors

Step 2. Build your email list to your first 1,000 subscribers!

Blogging Your Passion University 201 (Grow) 

Inside BYPU 201 (which has 36 step-by-step videos), you'll learn:

  • The 5 types of blog traffic and how to best take advantage of each
  • The Hourglass Funnel and why it generates ton of leads and sales
  • Our 9-step SEO checklist to optimize ever post for the search engines
  • The fastest way to get started in podcasting
  • The 4 BEST YouTube videos to create
  • How to correctly set-up your email capture system
  • How to create a "content upgrade" from start to finish
  • Our top 3 best-performing email capturing strategies

Step 3. Earn your first (or next) $1000+ online.

Blogging Your Passion University 301 (Profit) 

Inside the BYPU 301 (which has 29 step-by-step videos), you'll learn:

  • The Online Business Model Canvas PDF and how to use it to earn six-figure revenue
  • The 5 types of blog business models (and which one fits your audience and personality)
  • How to use the "Expert Product Wheel" to create multiple income streams with your passion
  • How to earn money writing with Amazon Kindle, CreateSpace and Audiobooks
  • 3 unique ways to earn income with coaching either 1-on-1 or with a group
  • How to launch a paid webinar series and earn money teaching others online
  • How to get started with earning affiliate income with other people's products and services
  • The 90-Day Blog Money Map to help you map out your plan to earning your next $1000+


Step 4. Scale your blog into a full-time online business!

Blogging Your Passion University 401 (Scale) 

Inside BYPU 401(which has 28 step-by-step videos), you'll learn:

  • How to correctly setup your online business
  • The Income Tracking Spreadsheet and how it reveals your greatest opportunities
  • How to develop a One Year Marketing Calendar
  • The Delegation Decision Matrix that will free up your time from day one!
  • The 7 best outsourcing tools for online business owners
  • And more!

Your Resources List (You'll also get access to...)

Resource #1

A Personal 30-Minute Strategy Session with Jonathan ($500 Value)

Want Jonathan to help you personally validate your idea, map out your strategy, and create an action plan for you? When you enroll today, you'll be able to set-up a personal strategy session with Jonathan.

Resource #2 

Your 60-Day Blog Traffic Blueprint

Attend live, member-only online classes every single month. We’ll show you what’s working right now when it comes to increasing your traffic, leads, and sales.

Resource #3 

Your 90-Day Blog Money Map

Ask questions, get feedback, and interact with other bloggers on our live monthly Office Hours Calls. You’ll receive just the right insight, perspective and encouragement you need to keep you moving forward.

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Ready to Get Started?

So here’s the deal, for the next 7 days Blogging Your Passion University is open for enrollment. You can get full access to our member’s area including all of the bonuses mentioned above.



Regular Price: $1200

BYPU 101 Course: How to Launch Your Blog

BYPU 201 Course: How to Get 1000 Subscribers

BYPU 301 Course: How to Earn $1000 Online

BYPU 401 Course: How to Scale Your Blog into a Business

Bonus! Strategy Call with Jonathan ($500 Value)

Bonus! The 60-Day Blog Traffic Blueprint ($300 Value)

Bonus! The 90-Day Blog Money Map ($300 Value)





BYPU 101 Course: How to Launch Your Blog

BYPU 201 Course: How to Get 1000 Subscribers

BYPU 301 Course: How to Earn $1000 Online

BYPU 401 Course: How to Scale Your Blog into a Business

Bonus! Strategy Call with Jonathan ($500 Value)

Bonus! The 60-Day Blog Traffic Blueprint ($300 Value)

Bonus! The 90-Day Blog Money Map ($300 Value)


Let me take all of the risk...

With your enrollment today, you'll be able to get full access to BYPU and all of the bonuses with absolutely no risk. This will give you a chance to learn and deploy the blog building strategies that have worked for thousands of others. If it's not right for you, send us an email and we will refund your money. 


Got a question? Below we have answers to all of the commonly asked questions.

What makes Blogging Your Passion University different?

Other programs interview expert after expert but leave you feeling confused. Other programs showcase how the “expert” lives and works but it leaves you discouraged because you think:

  • That works for you because you have money to invest
  • That works for you because you already have an audience
  • That works for you because you already have key relationships

BYPU is designed with the beginner blogger in mind all the way through to the expert blogger. 


What about the little guy (or gal) just starting out?

This is why BYPU 101 is divided into short, step-by-step actionable videos.

After watching each short video, you’ll have a specific action step to take BEFORE you move on.

In no time, you’ll look back and be surprised at just how much progress you’ve made.


What if I don’t even know what I want to blog about yet?

We have you covered! In the first module of BYPU 101, we walk you through a tried-and-true method we’ve used for years called, the Passion Idea Scorecard. This will help you not only to narrow down your topic, but you will also have clarity on which on of your ideas will deliver both income and impact.


I’m not a very tech savvy person. Will I be able to accomplish the tasks in the course?

Yes. While creating the material for this course, we had one objective: We don’t care if you are 8 or 80, you will be able to follow along with our practical step-by-step training.


How is this different from the Online Business Fast Track Lab Monthly Membership?

The Fast Track Lab Membership consists of live monthly classes and coaching. Blogging Your Passion University is like getting your bachelor’s degree in online business. It’s the core, essential training that most bloggers need. It’s a complete step-by-step training that walks you through how to launch, grow, profit and scale your blog business.


I’m a super busy person. How can BYPU work for me?

We have built BYPU with busy people in mind. We know that most bloggers lead busy lives with work, family and even church responsibilities. Each training video inside BYPU is between 5-8 minutes long. Also, each video leaves you with a simple action step to accomplish before you move to the next video. Lastly, our software remembers where you leave off. After you complete a video, you’ll see a check mark. That way you can pick up right where you left off.


How long do I have access to the content for a year, lifetime, etc?

We believe strongly in being your #1 go-to source for building your blog business. Every BYPU student gets lifetime access! Once a year, we update our content by either creating new videos or updating old ones.


Do you offer any money-back guarantees?

Absolutely! We offer a 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. If it’s not right for you, then send an email to our support team at [email protected] for a refund.

It's time to blog your passion...



Regular Price: $1200

BYPU 101 Course: How to Launch Your Blog

BYPU 201 Course: How to Get 1000 Subscribers

BYPU 301 Course: How to Earn $1000 Online

BYPU 401 Course: How to Scale Your Blog into a Business

Bonus! Strategy Call with Jonathan ($500 Value)

Bonus! The 60-Day Blog Traffic Blueprint ($300 Value)

Bonus! The 90-Day Blog Money Map ($300 Value)





BYPU 101 Course: How to Launch Your Blog

BYPU 201 Course: How to Get 1000 Subscribers

BYPU 301 Course: How to Earn $1000 Online

BYPU 401 Course: How to Scale Your Blog into a Business

Bonus! Strategy Call with Jonathan ($500 Value)

Bonus! The 60-Day Blog Traffic Blueprint ($300 Value)

Bonus! The 90-Day Blog Money Map ($300 Value)


Hurry! Fall Enrollment Ends Soon!