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Lesson 1. The Main Automation Features of ConvertKit

(and why you should be using them)

In this introductory lesson, you'll learn an overview of the power of ConvertKit; why Jonathan prefers ConvertKit over all the other tools; the 3 main features of ConvertKit you should be using.


Lesson 2. A Simple Naming System for Tags in ConvertKit

(This ONE Trick Alone Will Keep You Organized!)

One of the most powerful features of ConvertKit are tags. When used correctly, you are able to send better and more targeted emails to people on your list. Jonathan uses three types of tags: buyer tags, interest tags, and system tags.

Lesson 3. How to Create Content Upgrades Fast with Forms

(This One Method Alone Will Build Your Email List Fast)

A content upgrade is when you provide bonus content on your blog posts, podcasts and videos in exchange for email subscribers. 

ProTip: If you are just getting started, find your top 5 blog posts (in terms of visits) and create content upgrades as mentioned in the video. 


Lesson 4. Jonathan's 3 Most Used Automation Rules

(Put Your Online Business on Auto-Pilot)

There are many automation rules inside of ConvertKit, but where should you start? Below you will find Jonathan's 3 most used Automation Rules inside ConvertKit.

Link click → Add Interest Tag
Subscribes to Form → Add Interest Tag
Subscribes to Form → Add to Sequence

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